ELCO Services

Do you struggle with vision loss?

Foret sensory services has a community ECLO (eye care liaison officer).
The role of an ECLO is to provide support to people and their families who are struggling with visual impairment.
The ECLO is a trained person who can provide important information about eye conditions their treatment’s and provide emotional support where needed.

I Demonstrate equipment and technology and provide other useful information and support networks.

The services is free. We do prefer for you to come to us and this enables us to show and offer a wider range of support, but a home visit can be arranged.

Ear clinic:

We have a fully quailed audiologist who cones to the centre once a month. She uses micro suction to unblock waxy ears. Unfortunately, the drs surgery do not offer a ear wax removal service. There will be a charge for this service and an appointment needs to be made.

Contact: 01594 827711